Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2016! As I sit and finalize all of my year end paperwork and files I reflect on how great and not-so-great the season was for me this year. It was a fantastic growing year and a great learning year business wise. This was the first time I had sold products from my lavender, and joined a local farmers market. I also have my products in a store as well. Lots of lessons learned, and lots of things to look forward to! I am grateful for all of the wonderful people I met along my journey, and all of the advice I have learned along the way.

I am already busy planning for 2017. Now that the greenhouse is finished, I am putting in plant orders for Spring. I am ordering half of my lavender online for next year, and half I am picking up locally. I am so excited for Spring I can’t stand it. This year I spent 40% of my time with my plants during the season and it seems like 60% or more trying to get my business started. I want to change that next year and really put the time in with my field that I am putting in and work in my greenhouse. Selling products and meeting people is extremely rewarding, but working the land and tending the plants is where my passion lies. I was so fortunate that I worked so hard when I planted my lavender that they were incredibly self-sufficient, hardly needing my care except for harvesting the blooms and weeding from time to time.  I currently have 9 varieties with my current crop, and look to expand to 6 more next Spring.

It will be tough these next few months as we keep getting buried in snow to stay busy and get ready for next year. I unfortunately will not be able to attend the USLGA conference that will be held in late January, however volunteered to create Region 8’s centerpiece for our group to represent all the amazing farmers in our region. I will post pictures of how it turns out, and hope that in a small way I can help contribute to our region with my creativity.

Stay tuned on my Instagram account for continued updates from life in Aurora as we battle the cold and long for the sun. Here’s to 2017 and more adventures ahead!