United States Lavender Growers Association

Over the summer I met the wonderful owners of Luvin Lavender Farm at a nature/garden craft fair near where I live. I was so impressed with the products they were selling and the interest their tent was getting, and asked how I could learn more. They immediately suggested that I join the United States Lavender Growers Association (USLGA). That afternoon, I immediately signed up, and have been a proud member ever since. 

The United States Lavender Growers Association was formed to support and promote the United States Lavender industry. USLGA allows a collective voice for lavender growers in the U.S. It supports lavender farms, connect growers to buyers and provide continual education for both lavender growers and lavender users. USLGA has been a huge resource as I work with my plants, and a source of support as I formulate plans to expand my small plot of trial plants into a mini lavender farm on my property. I am a member of USLGA's Region 8 team and have been excited to learn that our region leader is none other than the friends I made over the summer, the group at Luvin Lavender Farms.

I am very excited for the US Lavender Conference in 2017, and hope to be able to attend. More to come on my adventures with USLGA and Region 8 activities.

Check out Luvin Lavender here: www.luvinlavender.com
Check out USLGA here: http://uslavender.org