Waiting for spring is tough here in Ohio. Outside, my lavender is still tucked under its winter cloth, waiting to stretch and feel the warm sunlight. Inside however, I have been patiently experimenting with growing lavender from seed. 4 of the 8 species needed to go through a stratification process, however the 4 that did not were planted on Valentines day.

I am fascinated by which ones sprouted first and which ones are just now poking through the soil. I made a chart (see below) that shows in what quadrant of the seed tray I planted the 8 species. At the end of this experiment, I will post my chart where I scribbled the dates in which the sprouts emerged. Very fun to watch and document.

Can you believe the pods with the most sprouts came from my English Munstead? These seeds were gathered from the plants (now tucked under their winter blanket) I grew this summer and buds I use in my soy wax products. This year, I will be growing more plants from cuttings. Growing from seeds has been a fun way to pass the time until the snow melts. Stay tuned!