Lavender season is here!

Lavender season has begun! I have been watching in admiration online on my various social media accounts everyone across the US getting their lavender fields ready this year. I have been working the landscaping in front of my house for the past week getting it ready to plant some new lavender. I also tended to my established munstead and phenomenal beauties as they stretch towards the sun and start changing from their dormant silvery green leaves to new bright green ones. I know my neighbors think I'm crazy as I fuss over my lavender so much. I will weed around them and sing as I go. I was visited by several bees as I weeded, buzzing around the plants looking for purple blossoms. Soon I told them.

Visiting a local greenhouse over the weekend I was shocked to see two lavenders that I had such problems finding locally last summer. I had to have them for the front of my house. I am the new proud owner of 5 hidcote and 5 provence lavender plants! My collection has grown to 24 plants now, with 50 more coming this summer in raised beds. My mini farm is coming to life! I absolutely love bringing new lavender home. I carefully sat them outside in their pots for part of the week so they could get use to my location vs the greenhouse. I watched the weather intently knowing I wanted to plant them right before it rained. I worked very hard to clear the bed and finally finished planting last night. Now the hard part. Crossing my fingers and hoping they take. Last year, I watched my munstead do very well for a few days after planting, but then started to droop and look terrible. I panicked and wanted to water them, but gave them time. I was told by a friend that this was normal, and that the plants concentrate their energy once newly planted to their roots to anchor in and get a good grip. Sure enough, 7-10 days later the plants sprung back to life, and have been thriving ever since.

I am so glad I had my experience from last year to help me plant these newbies. I work hard to make sure each and every plant has proper drainage, filling each hole with sand, pea gravel, and river rock, before mounding the plants with good soil mixed with even more sand. Soon, I will be mulching in the entire bed with pea gravel, since it worked so well for the munstead bed. I can not wait to start on the raised beds next month. This is going to be a great summer I just know it!