Busy as a bee

Hello friends! It has been awhile since I posted last. I have been busy obtaining the permit that I need from my City to start building my new greenhouse! I am so very excited. The raised beds I have picked out have already arrived as well, and I am still figuring out where I will be placing them around the greenhouse. I have decided after several sketches and drafts that I will be growing munstead, hidcote, provence, and grosso in the new beds. I think that I will give me a nice variety to add to and compliment my 30 lavenders at the front of my property that are absolutely thriving! Below is a photo of my gorgeous hidcote that is blooming before all of the rest!

I am disappointed as I work to make products for the upcoming local farmer's market, that Bee Loved Lavender will unfortunately miss the first two markets. I have critical work travel for my job that I must attend to, so I will have to really push hard when I return to make the best impression with customers once I see them on the third scheduled market. Still very hopeful that it will be tons of fun, and people will enjoy the wonders of lavender with the products I am selling!

Finally, today we installed an amazing Barn Owl box on my property. Barn Owls are making a comeback in Ohio, and I am trying to increase those chances here in my county. I have always loved Barn Owls, and saw one once as a little girl at the house I grew up in. I will be building my greenhouse and raised beds around the area where we have placed the new nest box, and truly hope the owls are interested in eating the chipmunks that like to tear up my lavender! I hope to enjoy their company as I tuck my lavender in for the night and work in the new greenhouse. It is going to be an amazing summer. Click here to see where I ordered my amazing nest box: https://www.barnowlbox.com