First Harvest!

Finally have all of my lavender cut! Last year, I was only able to put together 7 bundles of my lavender. I left it way too long for the bees, and only salvaged a small batch of bundles. Those bundles got me through many, many batches of candles over the winter. This year, we made 97! I would have had a handful more, but decided to turn some of the phenomenal would be bundles into gorgeous lavender wands. I can't imagine how many I will have when I get the raised bed and greenhouse put together.

Enjoy some photos from my various varieties. These lavenders were all cut down in the last week in a half. Already, some of the lavender that was cut first is springing back to life! Will have one last cut of the flowers in late Summer, and then a deep pruning of the plants in the Fall, making sure they last during the winter with the heavy snows we get here in Northeast, Ohio.

It has been thrilling to follow along on Instagram various lavender farms around the United States and the excitement of their blooms and their harvests. Planting two weeks earlier this year really put me in a great spot. I cant wait for my lavender's second bloom!