Grandio Greenhouse Greatness Part 1:

Today, the greenhouse building has officially started! When I originally purchased my greenhouse, I bought it with a wood anchoring kit thinking my father and uncle could come to Aurora to build a floating deck with me to sit the structure on. After a quick check in for a quote at the local Home Depot, I realized there was no way I could afford that!

In doing my research, I learned that anchoring it into the earth and using a pea gravel base is the perfect route to go, besides being way cheaper! Grandio quickly exchanged my anchoring kit, and we were off to start the base unit with my new earth anchoring kit.

Did I mention that we haven't had rain for several weeks in Northeast, Ohio? In looking at our new kit and base instructions, we knew we had to dig 10, 14 inch holes in order to sink the anchors and pour cement. Never in our lives had we seen such bone dry soil. The photos do not do justice. It was so dry it took us hours to dig the holes with a post hole digger and small shovels. Plus a lot of breaks being 87-90 degrees.  I cant thank my dad enough for traveling so far to come help us with the greenhouse. It was great to visit while we worked, as I learn so much when I work with him.

I am truly excited to watch the greenhouse take shape. This is where I will be starting lavender from seed, raising cuttings from my current plants, and also trying more French and Spanish varieties in containers that I haven't had much success with outside. My collection is ever growing.

Stay tuned for the structure building!