Road trip to Michigan: Great Lakes Lavender Growers Region of USLGA Fall meeting: September 23-24

Imagine having the opportunity to pretend for a moment that you are in France, walking through the lavender fields of Provence. Except you are able to save a ton of money on travel and get to stay in your own backyard. By backyard, I mean Ohio’s friendly neighbor, the great state of Michigan.

Earlier this year, I was invited to join the Great Lakes Lavender Growers of USLGA for a Fall meeting that would take place in Michigan later in September. Our region consists of Wisconsin, Michigan, the southern half of Minnesota, the northern half of Illinois, the northern half of Indiana, and the northern half of Ohio. I have been excited for this meeting ever since it was announced. I was fortunate enough to take my mother as my guest, and share my passion of lavender growing with her. My family has been extremely supportive of me as I navigate through my own growing adventures, dreaming of tending a lavender hobby farm some day.

In turn, mom was able to share with the group about her and my father’s business, Traditions Engraving, and how they are extremely interested in partnering with the Great Lakes Lavender Growers members to promote their farms and products with some of our ideas and marketing strategies. Working with Traditions Engraving has put my business on another level, inspiring me to reach out to other local lavender farms in hopes of collaborating to promote their businesses.

Having a master’s degree in graphic design and specializing in packaging and product design, branding, and visual communication, it is a goal of mind to offer my creative talents to fellow lavender growers of USLGA and help their business thrive, working together to make their farms even more successful than they already are.

I can’t thank Laurie Hejduk enough from Luvin Lavender Farm for setting up this incredible trip and creating an amazing network of lavender growers in our Great Lakes area. I am looking forward to our next get together!

Below are the three farms I was able to visit over the two day trip and their website information. I highly encourage you to check them out! Each set-up was unique, and all three owners shared a wealth of information with the group, which I am completely grateful for.

Shades of Lavender LLC
Mattawan, Michigan

Cranberry Lake Lavender Farm
Marcellus, Michigan

Lavender Hill Farm of Niles MI. LLC
Niles, Michigan