Wrapping up the lavender season: Cuttings, pruning, and a curious case of slime mold

It has been very busy here working the last few days of the lavender season. We successfully wrapped up our time at the Red Rock Farmers Market in Aurora, and met a lot of great vendors and made new contacts. Wasn’t the most financially profitable endeavor, but we definitely got our name out there. The was a huge goal of mine–introducing ourselves to the community. We have been invited to quite a few fall and winter opportunities which is wonderful.

This labor day weekend, I found myself tending to the plants in preparation for the upcoming fall and winter season. Earlier this summer, I was having a strange problem with my Munstead plants and discovered with the help of seasoned USLGA members, that I am dealing with a case of slime mold. My Munstead is really out of control, and trapping a lot of moisture at the bases. Next spring, it will be a big job to go in and cut out a lot of the plants and open up areas for more successful air circulation. For now, all the plants are hopefully winding down and will go dormant until next spring. The good news is is the slime mold "organism" is not a threat, just a nuisance and unsightly, and hopefully will calm down with the upcoming cooler temps.

This summer, I wanted to try and see how successful I could be with gathering some hard and soft wood cuttings of my Provence and Hidcote plants. I read a lot about the process and decided to give it a try. Will know for sure in about 8 months if I will have strong enough plants to transplant next Spring. Fingers crossed! I spent a lot of money on healthy, strong, larger plants, so seeing if cloning them makes sense and could be a great money saver.

Finally, I pruned all of the lavender in preparation for the cooler temperatures and fall weather transition. I was amazed by how much growth I was able to trim down and how easy, yet tedious it was to shape all of the plants (except the Munstead). I have a wheelbarrow full of lavender leaves that I am not entirely sure what to do with. Some people I know recycle these parts, and they sure smell wonderful.

Looking forward to our Great Lakes regional USLGA meeting and farm tours September 23-24th. Cant wait to meet neighboring lavender farmers and swap stories and advice. Will post pictures of my time in Michigan! Until then, keep checking back for updates to the website and my social media!