Our lavender blooms between mid-June through mid-July. We harvest the lavender at these times and later in the summer should we get a nice rebloom. Lavender is sold fresh and dried. If you are interested in fresh lavender, please contact me as early as possible as there are windows of time that we cut the lavender and will hold lavender back for customers before selling at markets.


Due to wet winter and heavy rainfall this spring, we lost many lavender plants. Many of our lavender farms suffered across the United States. We are currently rebuilding and replanting what we loss and will not be having visitors at the farm this summer. We have harvested all of the lavender that we could get this year in between the weeks of rain and have it for sale. We had a very limited harvest this year. Check out our Instagram for the latest updates!

Do you have operational hours?

Visiting Bee Loved Lavender is by appointment only. The best way to connect is by email, or Facebook Messenger to set up a time to stop by and visit. We are located on a busy state route and at a private residence with a shared driveway, making it nearly impossible to have visitors stopping by without notice.

Do you offer U-pick?

Not at this time. If you would like to pick some bundles of available lavender, we are more than happy to show you how when you stop by and show you the different varieties we have based on what you are looking for. The most up to date status of the lavender in regard to bloom time and harvesting can be found by checking our Instagram account which we update weekly.

How much are your bundles of lavender?

We don’t count stems or weigh our bundles. A nice handful of fresh or dried lavender is $7 a bundle.

Do you sell lavender products?

Absolutely! These are sold online here on the shop page. We are also a vendor at the Peninsula Flea and do have local delivery of our lavender and products to Aurora, Hudson, Streetsboro, and Chagrin Falls resident customers. We partner with two other companies, Traditions Engraving and Thistle & Twill on a variety of product collaborations that we offer our customers as well.

I have always wanted to grow lavender, but do not know where to start OR

I am growing lavender and I am having problems with the plants. Do you offer any help or advice?

Yes! We would be happy to see photos of your plants and/or answer any questions you have. We have interested growers that make appointments frequently and stop by to see our lavender and get feedback. Call, email, or Facebook message us if interested in chatting. Lavender growing should be fun and exciting. We have a lot of lessons learned to share and want you to have as much fun as we do growing these beautiful plants.

We are also proud members of the United States Lavender Grower’s Association and the Herb Society of America. We highly recommend you checking out these incredible organizations and consider joining as you travel along your lavender growing journey.

Do you sell plants?

We do not, however we plan to start selling next season in 2020. We currently do not have a nursery license to allow us to sell to interested customers.

Do you sell honey? How about lavender honey?

We just became bee keepers in May of 2019. Our two hives produced some honey which we kept for family and friends this fall. The rest we are using to get them through the winter. Starting in 2020 we will start selling raw honey and lavender infused honey. We can’t wait!

Can I come and shoot photos of your lavender?

We think that is great! We caution you to come and check out our location to see if it works for you and your photo set up. We are not a farm in the traditional sense. More of a backyard grower and collection gardener. We do have some fun opportunities and props that can be used. Get in touch with us and we can discuss options and fees to do so.

I am getting married and would like some lavender for my wedding. What do you offer?

We offer fresh lavender (when available) and dried lavender. Fresh lavender is all about the timing of the bloom and the weather. Let us know when you need it and we will let you know if we can help or if we have already harvested for drying. Letting us know ASAP will help us plan when we cut down the lavender and how much to hold back for you. We are also in contact and network with several other successful lavender farms locally and are more than happy to work with you and another local lavender grower to get you what you need for your special day if we are all out of fresh lavender.

Did you know after your wedding, your lavender can be dried and used in a variety of ways to preserve the memories of your special day? Ask us how.