Honey bees


Now we are officially Bee loved

For years Bee Loved Lavender has wanted to own hives of honey bees. In 2019 we took the challenge and have been so excited watching two hives get established before the 2019 lavender bloom season. Follow along and check in on the progress! Our lavender can’t wait for these visitors. Most of our bee excitement and learning can be found on our Instagram.


This hive (Hive 1) was established on May 11, 2019 from a package. The queen is named Beatrice and the entire colony is very docile and calm. This colony has exploded with bees and produced 18 lbs of honey by the end of Summer. Not bad for starting from scratch. This hive is very active and works very hard.


This hive (Hive 2) was established on May 15, 2019 from a nuc. The first queen was named Honeycrisp and the entire colony was active, robust, and all business. Soon after establishing, the colony swarmed and partially left. A new queen was raised by the small colony left behind. Her name is Phoenix. This colony is very calm, and extremely laid back, slower to build, and smaller than Hive 1.